The first step in defeating cancer is detecting it before it can metastasize, or spread to other areas in the body. Early detection really does save lives. That is why Cancer Screening Centers supports annual AMAS testing for anyone at any age who has a family history of cancer or is at risk of developing cancer due to environmental toxins dietary carcinogens and infectious disease irritants. This cost-effective and simple blood test is able to detect cancer up to 19 months before other early detection methods – months which dramatically increase the chance of a full recovery with minimal side effects.

mother embracing sonThe Anti-malignin Antibody in Serum (AMAS) test is a FDA approved blood test for early cancer detection and has been independently confirmed to be a general marker of malignant transformation in individuals with an intact immune system. By measuring the presence of the Antibodies, this test is able to determine with high accuracy whether the person has cancer cells somewhere in his or her body. AMAS can not determine where the cancer is located, but when combined with other tests like Complete Genomic Sequencing, the location of the cancer can be determined.

AMAS testing is only effective for people whose immune systems have not already been compromised, so it does not work for people who are already in the advanced stages of cancer. (At which point cancer may likely be detected through traditional methods, anyway.) There can, however, be little doubt as to the value of AMAS testing for individuals with healthy immune systems. AMAS has been tested over 50,000 times and the results speak for themselves: Anti-Malignin Antibody increases when cancer is present in 93-100% of cases. The margin of error for false negatives is 7% or less, which is why we recommend the continuation of other screening procedures. False positives may be up to 5% when the serum is shipped overnight. When the testing occurs onsite at the laboratory, the risk of a false positive is even lower.

As good as the AMAS test is, it is important to remember that the test provides a snapshot in time and needs to be repeated regularly. For most people, an annual test would be sufficient, but for those with higher risk of cancer, more frequent testing may be needed.

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