About Cancer Screening Centers

Cancer Screening Centers is focused on screening, treatment and research.

We want to bring accessible cancer screening to all New Yorkers and are developing strategies for doing just that. Our view is that if screening happens early, cancer will be diagnosed before it has spread and thus be easier to treat, greatly increasing the likelihood that the patient will recover and continue a productive life.

For when cancer is diagnosed, we plan to provide treatment opportunities that focus on the person as a whole and equips him or her to go through the treatment program with the best possible outcome.

We will also focus on research to improve the early detection and diagnostic methods, so that the presence of cancer can be detected as early as possible and then diagnosed accurately at an early stage, before it has a chance to spread and become much more complicated (or even impossible) to treat.

Cancer Screening Centers is currently researching the best ways to bring early detection screening to New York, with a goal to be able to begin providing screening services in the second half of 2013.

Our Vision

Catchwords like service and integrity look good in print but what do they mean day-to-day?

For those of us with Cancer Screening Centers, those words influence everything we do:

  • Early detection is essential to fighting cancer as non-invasively and successfully as possible. These tests and therapies are where cancer prevention begins.
  • Patients come first with us whether they are in short and long-term care or just visiting. We strive to ensure every patient who enters our doors receives personal care and attention from a knowledgeable medical staff.
  • Research is essential for understanding and developing treatments and a cure. CSC remains on the cutting edge of research and innovation to give our patients the best possible hope for recovery.
  • Education is crucial for winning the battle against cancer. The highest rates of survival are in those cases were the cancer is detected early. That is why CSC focuses so much attention on training medical staff across the United States and granting them access to the latest in cancer research and prevention.
  • Public awareness is where the battle comes to you. CSC endeavors to inform every at risk man and woman of available preventative and early detection measures. Cancer knows no race, religion, or gender. We believe everyone must take control of their healthcare by talking to their doctor and getting tested regularly.
  • Our communities are important to us. This is where we live, eat, work, and play. We want our neighborhoods to be healthy and thriving. That is why we are so committed to providing opportunities and access to better healthcare everywhere we go.

Our Mission

Cancer Screening Centers is committed to reshaping the cancer care experience for the client, by putting the patient and their doctor at the center of the treatment plan.

By empowering our patients, we help to alleviate the fear involved in the treatment process, while providing cutting-edge tests, treatments, and therapies to ensure the cancer is detected and treated as early and non-invasively as possible.

Compassionate relationships are our cornerstone as we engage our patients and communities through a commitment to service and integrity in early cancer detection, short and long-term patient care, research, education, public awareness, and community outreach. This is the kind of medical care we want for our families, and this is what we are dedicated to creating for yours.

about us

Dr. Clarisse Clemons-Ferrara, MD

Clarisse Clemons-FerraraBorn to Clarence Clemons and Henrietta Hyatt-Clemons, Clarisse Clemons-Ferrara, MD was raised to have a deep respect for education and proactive healthcare. She carried this passion into a career in medicine. Clarisse graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville Tennessee in 1978. Her initial post-graduate year was in General Surgery at Howard University Hospital. She continued at Howard as a resident in the Orthopedic Surgery Division, until she moved to New York City in 1981 taking a position in General Surgery at Harlem Hospital Center.

She worked as an Ambulatory Foot Surgeon and audited the Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Orthopedic courses of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. She was then hired to work in the Emergency Department of Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn NY, where she later worked as an Orthopedic Surgery House Physician. She spent nine years as a physician per session at Brooklyn’s, King’s County Hospital Emergency Department. She grandfathered into the field of Emergency Medicine having completed 7,000 hours as a physician in the Emergency Department as well as the necessary Continuing Medical Education Credits by June of 1988. From 1993 to 2010, she served as the Director of Employee Health for Tiana Licensing Services.

Doctor Clemons-Ferrara passed National Boards I, II, and III and is licensed in the state of New York and Connecticut. She will be taking her ABEM exam in November 2012. She will also receive continued training on genomic sequencing.

She has received permission from Oncolab to become the second laboratory in the world that will be able to conduct and process the AMAS test. This in addition to her experiences with her family losses from cancer and as a doctor has made Dr. Clemons-Ferrara ideally suited to become Founder of Cancer Screening Centers and President of the Board for CSC.

The fight against cancer is personal for Clarisse. She experienced firsthand the struggle patients and their families endure, when esophageal, pancreatic, and lung cancer – all of whom died within 2 to 5 months of diagnosis. That is why she is so passionate about early cancer detection screening. No one on their medical teams was aware of procedures like the AMAS test, which can determine with great accuracy whether a patient has cancer, up to 19 months before other screening methods.

Cancer Screening Centers was founded to raise awareness of early detection screenings and provide cutting edge cancer  treatment. The early detection of cancer is her life’s work. As she likes to remind us, “Early detection is the key to longevity.” Her passion for patients and their families can be seen in all aspects of CSC’s work, whether through cancer detection screening, research, patient care, education, or community outreach.

When she is not fighting to save the world, Clarisse lives on Long Island with her husband Joseph Ferrara, MD (Cornell, 1975), with whom she enjoys ice skating and spending time with their children.