New York City, only for the young?

New York is a tough city, just ask my red pumps. Once beautiful and polished, they now sit in my closet, waiting for their owner/procrastinator to take them to a cobbler. If the pavement does not wear away the soles, cracks in the sidewalk do their best to gouge the heels. And don’t even get me started on subway grates. New York is a city of shopping, dining, partying, and culture; but it comes at a price. Everything is within walking distance means walking everywhere…a lot. It’s great for the waistline, but slow murder on the feet. For those who cannot afford a cab on a daily basis, shopping becomes a game of “what can I carry?”  I’ve become so used to the cramped stores and and selective shopping that visiting my friends in the suburbs, where it’s possible to load a 36 pack of toilet paper into a car, feels a bit like visiting another planet.

The truth about New York is the closer to Manhattan you are, the harder it is to do simple things. And the more help you need to buy puppy chow or do laundry, the more expensive living in New York can become. My friend’s parent’s recently announced their plans to move to the suburbs as they enter their retirement: life in the hustle and bustle has just become too difficult.

This really got me thinking: I love the city. I don’t know how I ever lived anywhere else. But how long will I be able to keep up with its pace? What do you think: is New York only for the young?

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