A more complete screening

At Cancer Screening Centers we want to be on the cutting edge of innovative approaches to healthcare.  This means that our research and development team is continually searching for ways to make the present standard of care better.  We want to make sure that a patient who has gone for cancer screening will not walk out of a facility without being informed of any other illnesses or potential health problems they may have. One way we plan to do this is by working with other institutions to improve upon not only the current cancer screening protocol, but how we screen patients for every malady.

“We invite all healthcare providers to participate in an open dialogue about the best cancer screening protocol,” Dr. Clemons-Ferrara states.  She also looks forward to conducting a 5 year cancer screening prospective study and has plans to improve protocols in other areas of medicine.  Currently Dr. Clemons-Ferrara is focusing on improving the screening for cardio-vascular diseases, “We will eventually expand to a protocol for the early diagnosis of the lack of Coronary Artery Patency.”

Other protocols that CSC is currently looking to include in their studies are:

  • Aneurysms and aortic dissections that could be detected at the same time that the Coronary Artery Patency evaluation is scheduled
  • Food handlers infectious disease protocol
  • Basic protocols for the diagnosis of pneumonia
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