About Cancer Screening Centers

Cancer Screening Centers is focused on screening, treatment and research.

We want to bring accessible cancer screening to all New Yorkers and are developing strategies for doing just that. Our view is that if screening happens early, cancer will be diagnosed before it has spread and thus be easier to treat, greatly increasing the likelihood that the patient will recover and continue a productive life.

For when cancer is diagnosed, we plan to provide treatment opportunities that focus on the person as a whole and equips him or her to go through the treatment program with the best possible outcome.

We will also focus on research to improve the early detection and diagnostic methods, so that the presence of cancer can be detected as early as possible and then diagnosed accurately at an early stage, before it has a chance to spread and become much more complicated (or even impossible) to treat.

Cancer Screening Centers is currently researching the best ways to bring early detection screening to New York, with a goal to be able to begin providing screening services in the second half of 2013.

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