Our Vision

Catchwords like service and integrity look good in print but what do they mean day-to-day?

For those of us with Cancer Screening Centers, those words influence everything we do:

  • Early detection is essential to fighting cancer as non-invasively and successfully as possible. These tests and therapies are where cancer prevention begins.
  • Patients come first with us whether they are in short and long-term care or just visiting. We strive to ensure every patient who enters our doors receives personal care and attention from a knowledgeable medical staff.
  • Research is essential for understanding and developing treatments and a cure. CSC remains on the cutting edge of research and innovation to give our patients the best possible hope for recovery.
  • Education is crucial for winning the battle against cancer. The highest rates of survival are in those cases were the cancer is detected early. That is why CSC focuses so much attention on training medical staff across the United States and granting them access to the latest in cancer research and prevention.
  • Public awareness is where the battle comes to you. CSC endeavors to inform every at risk man and woman of available preventative and early detection measures. Cancer knows no race, religion, or gender. We believe everyone must take control of their healthcare by talking to their doctor and getting tested regularly.
  • Our communities are important to us. This is where we live, eat, work, and play. We want our neighborhoods to be healthy and thriving. That is why we are so committed to providing opportunities and access to better healthcare everywhere we go.
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